Official CLF Blog has moved to THIS HOME!

Well, folks, I moved houses…Partially because not for love nor money could I get that RSS subscribe to work on the other blog…SIGH…and I like this one a little better because we can run polls etc.

Please feel at home here and feel free to pass the link along to friends, and hook supporters a like. I believe in grassroots movements, I believe in the power of the chain, I believe in the power of the lovers knot. I say SET MY PICOT FREE!

Come on gents and ladies! You with me? This isn’t just about a craft, this is about our dignity, our self esteem, our economic choices and freedom to create as and how we like…This is about CROCHET LIBERATION!

Rock on with me!

(Btw we are a group that started on Ravelry, if you aren’t on Ravelry yet sign up it’s free! There is a waiting list but they’ll get you in! Then join our HQ!…I made us real in the real world too! Support the effort! Get a bumper sticker…you know you want one!)


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