CLF Begins Diabolical Plans

The CLF is growing beyond anything I had ever hoped to see on Ravelry, and here on the web!

Members are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in the kind of patterns made available to we, the crochet community.

We’re not mad. We’re tired. Yes, we are fatigued from the act of thumbing through books that claim to serve us, only to find that we have been thrown a few scatterings of crumbs.

You see they say we don’t spend money. Well, do you spend money on things you don’t want, need or use? Neither do I! Never fear though, the CLF has plans, big plans, some would even claim these plans are diabolical.

You see starting in the New Year we are planning a collaberative Crochet Liberation Front Pattern book. That’s right, with contributions accepted from CLF members. Good old Lauracroft (that’s her Ravelry ID) made the suggestion, and I have to admit it is sheer brilliance.

What I’ve said all along, we have to stop complaining and DO SOMETHING! Tell people what we want, demand it, and yes, design it!

There are some great publications out there, and designs ARE improving, but we still have a long way to go. Let’s prove it to the publishers, and designers, and the yarn industry that we are WORTH so much more!

There are more of us people! Let us LINK our selves together, united in cause and we can make a difference!

If you haven’t joined us on Ravelry yet, please do so! If nothing else you’ll get a good laugh as your read through our posts. Our goals are simple! We want to have a good time, and we love Crochet, and we deserve to have what we want, NEED and USE!


3 responses to “CLF Begins Diabolical Plans

  1. Amen to that!!!


  2. We aren’t evil, we are getting even!

  3. Crochet Liberation Front

    Ah…man I wanna be EEEEEEVil 😉

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