TWO Crochet Friendly LYS in Washington State

TWO great yarn stores I was able to spend money, get what I wanted, needed and can use…Sunday it was Diva Yarn and Trim in Port Townsend, WA. They could shout out about Crochet a little more. BUT, they have great resources, good tools, and good products! They were also quite friendly, and had no problem helping me with questions and service!

And Today it was A Dropped Stitch in Sequim, WA! OOOOOH I can’t wait till their website is up! I will definately be ordering from them in the future since they carry the VERY things I’ve been looking for, for a while 😉 They were the more crochet friendly of the two stores, having the crochet items merchandised more equally to the other fiber art supplies.

WOW Both great stores!

Which stores do you find most CROCHET FRIENDLY leave a link in the comments section for others to find!


One response to “TWO Crochet Friendly LYS in Washington State

  1. The Rose and Ram in Independence Oregon has a crocheter on staff. They have some hooks, and books for the hookers. The last time I was in they still needed to work on their hook selection but that was over a year ago.

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