Hookilicious! And they say they can’t be done…

Originally uploaded by sfgwife

When I heard that certain publishers won’t accept patterns with crocheted cables, I had to ask why? The response was that said publishers felt that crocheted cables can’t be done well…


Totally hookilicious! Beautiful work! This article was made by sfgwife who is indeed a member of the Crochet Liberation Front on Ravelry.

I had such a hard time deciding WHICH one of her projects to blog, until the hat jumped out at me!

HAH! Yes, crocheted cables can be awesome! Here’s the proof!


5 responses to “Hookilicious! And they say they can’t be done…

  1. Thanks SO much for loving my work. I couldn’t have done it without the wonderful designer Lisa Naskrent at http://www.crochetgarden.com. Most of my works you see on ravelry are done from her patterns. It is a GREAT place to check out. Her cables are wonderful to work!

  2. Here’s to crocheted cables!!! Woot. I am using them in design I’m creating for my CLF book submission. TAKE THAT dummy publishers!

  3. I love crochet garden!!! I mainly just lurk, but I should jump in and make something.

    Very nice cables!!!

  4. It's Me...Maven

    Makes me glad I signed up for Interweave Crochet! That pattern will be in the winter issue:)

  5. ShropshirePagan

    Wow! Absolutely amazing! I’d never seen crochet cable before (obviously I’ve led a sheltered life, lol!) so it’s wonderful to see some online – and I’ll check out the website of the designer too. My head is buzzing with inspiration!!

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