A little crochet compassion

I say this all the time on our board on Ravlery.com, but we crocheters know we are cool. We know that we make cool, funny, funky, beautiful creations.

But do we? I find on occasion there is a talented person out there who just doesn’t know that they are indeed truly gifted.

That’s one of the reasons I started blogging photos of other people’s wonderful creations.

Crochet can be bumpy, lumpy, smooth and sweet.

There are no limits in crochet. It doesn’t matter what “conventional wisdom” may say, because frankly the powers that be…whoever “they are” tend not to know all that much about the subject.

The mission of the CLF is free the hook. Free us from persecution, free us from myths, and enable those who wield the hook to feel proud of their work and their wider community.


4 responses to “A little crochet compassion

  1. Power to the people! (not sure if this comment applies, but I felt compelled to shout it) 🙂

  2. Hopefully we can be equal if not better than the stick people! LOL

  3. kellycat honey WE ARE equal if not better than the stick people.
    crochet unfortenetly brings grandmas making doilies ti mind for so many. but its not OUR fault that they are ignorant. having taught crochet for a living for a while and while on the most part people would come up qnd ask what we were “knitting” i refused to be upset about it and in facted in fact by telling this poor soul that while knitting is a fun sport, Crochet on the otherhand was my life. if i couldn;t crochet at least once a day, i would go into withdrawls , i then invited her to sit and see the difference(i also know how to knit) once this person saw the difference, she told me she was so sorry for insulting me lol, i said you didn’t, but you might want to watch it around other crochet nuts they have a tendacy to get a little mad lol, she has since taken several of my classes and became quite profitent in the art of crochet. stepping down off my soapbox now lol

  4. Power to the people is right 🙂 LOL

    And so what if it brings to mind grandmas! My grandma was cool! She made me lovely things, I still have them. In fact my daughter has worn them, and I have saved them for her daughter (or my son’s daughter, who ever has daughters!)

    It’s too bad being wonderfully creative and talented, went out of style. It’s also too bad being self sufficient went out of style.

    It’s coming back…and so are we!

    RANT ON!

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