The Bobby Awards!

Wow! This is quite cool, some moderators on Ravelry got together and created the first official
“Bobby” Awards for outstanding achievements on Ravelry. From the funniest “Ugh” project to most educational crochet (and the pointy stick folk have a category too)…

The CLF and several of it’s members have been honored by being nominated in many categories. I was going through the list and well, it was more than I could handle on dial up to get the whole list of people and categories on it!

I think we should all feel proud that so many CLF’ers are nominated in so many categories!

Don’t forget to vote for our group! Both in the Best Name category and in the Banner!



One response to “The Bobby Awards!

  1. Laduchessederat/happy raveler

    I voted for CLF this morning. ^^

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