Sleepycat! Behold! A Set My Picot Free Winner!

Beholder 2
Originally uploaded by sleepycat3x

Ok, maybe it’s just me…I mean I did kill off one of my favorite Barabarians by having him jump into a fray against a 20th level Beholder (not smart for a sixth level barbarian to do without back up…what can I say… I was bored)…

To those of you who do not play D&D or other role playing games this may make no sense whatsoever…To those of you that do, well you’re most likely chuckling at the moment…

Regardless…This is a fine bit of stitchery! And…it’s the cutest little beholder I’ve seen 🙂

This was made by Sleepycat a member of the Crochet Liberation Front on Ravelry! She has made many fantastic projects…and some probably more award worthy but this amused me 😉

Sleepy Cat you get a SET MY PICOT FREE award 🙂


One response to “Sleepycat! Behold! A Set My Picot Free Winner!

  1. Thanks, ma’am! I wrapped it up for my husband last night but before I did I sewed on a red, jagged mouth. I’ll get a picture of that for posterity after I give it to him tomorrow.

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