Weavernom You have Set Our Picot FREE!

Originally uploaded by weavrmom

This gorgeous! Gorgeous shawl/wrap comes to us from our beloved member Weavrmom!

This is so delicate and elegant! She call’s it her Crochet Feather Stole…and it sure does remind me of feathers! Beautiful work!

According to her notes on Ravelry! “This design is adapted from a Japanese crochet book, Let’s Knit Series: Crochet Lace, ISBN # 978-4-529-04342-7, pattern # 19.”

Wonderful work! Well Done! You have been awarded the Set My Picot Free! Award for crocheted excellence! WOW!!


2 responses to “Weavernom You have Set Our Picot FREE!

  1. Wow that is incredible!!! Oh so delicate and wonderful.

  2. This is fabulous! My aunt is making my wedding veil, and I would love her to use a similar pattern. Does Weavernom have suggestions on where to get the pattern this was inspired from?

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