SparkyAlbatross This is Hookilicious!

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Originally uploaded by bracicot

Ok, it may make no sense to you non-Firefly Fans, but this hat was done by CLF member SparkyAlbatross (a man, btw!! Yes, men do crochet!)…It is a :”Jayne Cobb Hat”…

Beings I’m a fan of the t.v. series and movie (it should have NEVER been cancelled!!) I have to give this hat of tip of my own chapeau!

Sparky Albatross you be one Hookilicious Dude!


One response to “SparkyAlbatross This is Hookilicious!

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen a crocheted Jayne hat. It looks awesome!

    And I second your motion that Firefly should still be on the air. I want more Wash.

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