National Crochet Month…

Hey March is National Crochet Month! It’s time to party! On Ravelry we have a group called Natcromo Party…join us! Propertrappings (CLF moderator) is in chart of the party)

Craftkitten (CLF Moderator) has made up a great flyer to get LYS’s an Crocheters to celebrate the month long of Crochet Celebrations!

What can you do?

  • Join the Crochet Guild of America
  • Join the International Freeform Guild
  • Get one of our handy Crochet Month Flyers!
  • Let your local yarn store that the Crochet Liberation Front has a Crochet Friendly Buyers Guide and that we’d love to add them to the list when they meet our criteria!
  • Teach some one to crochet
  • Learn something new
  • Start a crochet blog, it’s not hard!
  • Sign up for Ravelry and join the burgeoning ranks of crocheters!
  • Join the Crochet Liberation Front
  • Crochet in Public
  • Don’t apologise for crocheting, be proud!
  • Watch this blog!

One response to “National Crochet Month…

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