CLF Book Submissions, KEEP EM COMING!

Firstly I have to say, Crochet Liberation Front members are a terribly talented group of people! Wow! I’ve had great patterns and articles trickling in, but I still need more!
Am I ever sated? Never!
Insatiable, that’s me!

Remember way back when I wrote a piece about self confidence, well don’t make me get on my soapbox again!

You can do this, you know you want to! And it’s a great thing to have on your resume! It doesn’t have to be a non-published pattern, it can be a little something you’ve had on your blog, it can be a little something you’ve been thinking about…

Maybe you have a great article in your head; why you should block your pieces, or maybe a funny story about a hat that could have been a plant pot… Whatever you have send it to me! We’ll work on it together!!

We have one month until the submission deadline. Remember to send me a photo so I can see the item in question, I’d like what you send me to be a close to complete as possible. Photos and all, if you need help with photography send me a message and we’ll work on that!

The sooner it all gets in the sooner I can begin with the layout, and initial editing before sending it out to my corps of volunteer editors!!

This is OUR book, not just my book…Let’s show the world what crochet is, what we can be, and who we are as people who love our hooks!

The best way to change things is to “Be the change”… Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before, I’ve never fully published a book for public consumption before (I have for in-house work for companies) so it’s all scary, for everyone…When I was little and my friend’s and I were scared walking a forest trail, we whistled and held hands.

Here’s my hand, and well we can all whistle together.

(note: edited to fix what spell check did not)


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