Kitchilicious…In the COOLEST of ways

scottie dogs 1
Originally uploaded by gailbeth1

Ok…this is a Set My Picot Free/Kitchilicous award winner…


Congratulations to Gailbeth our CLF member…

You are gifted indeed, and I wanna picutre of that Polar Bear rug done in thread…really… Awesome talented…


3 responses to “Kitchilicious…In the COOLEST of ways

  1. Wow, thanks for honoring the kitch! You’ve put a smile on my face this morning!

  2. Gail — Kitsch! Kitch!Anyway you spell it, I love it. Those scottie dogs and that Thanksgiving turkey with fixin’s blew me away. Your regular stuff is gorgeous, too, especially those wonderful scarves and shawls.

  3. Wowee Gail-having had the pleasure of meeting you( when you were 2 weeks old)and knowing you all of your life–AND having seen your crocheted Thanksgiving dinner in all it’s glory- on display up in Cicero, NY–all I have to say is that I am proud of being your Auntie Bedacket and hope that you keep on doing what you do so well!

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