And I wasn’t even trying to cause trouble…honest!

Ok crochet boys and girls, gather round and fearless leader will tell you a story…

It all started last Saturday when I agreed to go with my friend to the county democrat caucus as a guest, because she was a delegate. (No this is NOT a political post, honest!)

I knew it would be a long, long day, so I brought a bag full of yarn and hooks. In fact, it was the tote bag I designed as a prototype for the CLF. On one side it says, I heart Crochet, and on the other “Who’s your Granny Now?” (with a photo of funky squares)…

I spent a good part of that day crocheting, I ignored the frickas and hooked. I have a basketweave sweater I’m designing right now in a very fine yarn and wondering why I started at this point…Remember, I have no patience for long projects, I’m wondering if the sweater won’t end up a vest…sigh…Ok, I digress, on with the story.

It was late afternoon, we were all tired, stressed, I was disgusted with the poor organization, I had to explain the process to more than one person who should have understood it, and they weren’t young either…Hey, they used to teach civics, I wonder how many people actually listened some days…

So, anywho, my friend had just finished her speach to run for the next level of caucus and I had to use the rest room… I ran out, relieved my overstretched bladder (having taken my keys with me) and ran back to the subcaucus room. Once the preceedings were over, my friend was socializing and mixing, I went to go to the car to eat the rest of my sandwich. Believe me it was a long, long, long day with little time to eat, drink etc. (Again, I got much crochet time in, which is all important!)

When I got to the car, I couldn’t find my key. Oh “*^*&^$”, I said. I ran back to the restroom, searched for my key, and of course it was not there. I wasn’t too worried, I have a rather distinct key chain. Not a key chain most people would possess.

I looked for an official type and began my quest to find the key. It was close to going home time, and well, my key was the key to getting home. I went up to a gentleman and asked for the lost and found, which had been packed up. So, he took me to a lady, one of the county party officials. The conversation went like this…

“Hi, I think I may have left my car key in the Ladies Room,” said I. Smiling apologetically.
“Oh my, it’s been a long day hasn’t it.” She said, nodding with understanding.
“Oh yes, well it’s easy to know if it is mine, I have a rather unique keychain.”
“Oh is it brown with stars, we found one like that.” Her eyes were hopeful.
“No, it is white and purple and says, ‘Proud to be a hooker!” said I, seriously.
Her eyes opened wide in shock, the gentleman gasped and almost choked, and I was wondering what their damage was when it dawned on me!
Lauging I raised my crochet bag, and grinning said, “I’m a crocheter, and founder of the Crochet Liberation Front, over 1500 members worldwide!”

Ok, I think I made their day, they laughed so hard!
In the end the key had got lost in the yarn, and I found it a few seconds later.

It was worth the whole dang day to see the looks on their faces. And like I said, I really didn’t even have to try.


6 responses to “And I wasn’t even trying to cause trouble…honest!

  1. Everyone thought I’d paid to have an escort go with me to the convention. What did I get out of it? The affirmation that all guys really do just want to see two women get it on.

  2. Crochet Liberation Front

    Hehehehe…It’s your eyes…and your goat.

  3. It’s not my fault my goats are sexy….

  4. Haha, that’s great!

  5. thepiratehooker

    You’d be surprised at how many hits my blog gets just because it has the term hooker in it…


  6. I have learned alot, I need to add hooker to my tags!

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