I Got Ewe Babe! Crochet Friendly!

I just wanted to personally award Sonny and Shear’s, I got Ewe Babe store for being a Set My Picot Free worthy Crochet Friendly store…

They advertise regularly on our board on Ravelry, and the are so PUNNY! They always make me laugh, and the fact that the owner has done only a little crochet (I peeked at her profile on ravelry) and yet is so welcoming to we who hook…well heck she is duly awarded the Hookalicious award personally as well…cause that kind of openess to all that is creative (any fiber medium) deserves and award or two or three!

Thank you for being there!

You are duly awarded both the Set My Picot Free Award and the Hookalicious Award…

Hey if you go there for supplies, tell them the CLF sent you and that you love them being kind to us hookers 🙂


One response to “I Got Ewe Babe! Crochet Friendly!

  1. *blush*

    You are so kind…. you just made my day!

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