CLF Updates: Book, Podcast, Website

I’ve been a little less visible online as of late, mostly because my non-virtual life was exceptionally busy with crochet related, and yarn related activities (designing items for my local fair entries, writing my CLF Yarn Club Newsletter, and doing handspinning demonstrations). So, I thought I would let you know where we stand with some of our very cool projects!

CLF First Ever Book:

Still working on it! Working as fast as I can, keeping as accurate as I can, and organizing as fast as I can, so I can shoot it off to editors. Working very closely with our wonderful Technogoddess and her marvelous graphics skills…Let me tell you, that cover will so rock your socks off!

Podcast: CLF Global Domination Report…

Working on it! I have to edit an interview I did with my friend Bec Thomas, who is not only a brilliant nature photographer, but a rearer and shearer of Angora goats (you know, the cute fuzzy things that give us mohair), interesting talk about the history of the breed and it’s uses as yarn, and kinds of mohair yarn. Be prepared for some chummy banter, she is my best friend after all, and well if you think I’m outrageous…Um yeah, that’s why I’m editing 🙂 LOL

I will also go a little into just who this “Fearless Leader” person is, and why I started the CLF…the real reasons, not just the joke part…and how you guys have unwittingly helped me over come one of the most difficult years of my almost 39 years on this planet.


CHECK THIS OUT! It is still being developed, and I’m working on that too…LOL this only having two hands thing is getting TERRIBLY old! is now our home domain! Cool huh?

Feel free to check it out, I’m still working on making more pages and CLF fun, but for right now that’s where we stand!

Last but not least, if you are heading off to Manchester, NH for the CGOA Chainlink in July you have about 1 week to get your orders in for our Manchester, NH ’08 Ltd. Edition buttons!

These are made in America, and are fair trade…well ok, I do all the printing and cutting, and putting them it’s my sweat, and my labor in my living room 🙂 These are fun and they go away July 6th! So get ’em while they are hot!

Our Store:

Proceeds help me get us to Portland for the Fall Knit and Crochet Show. Guys I need help to get there…but that’s an issue for the podcast.


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