Set My Picot Free with a Snood!

snoods 008
Originally uploaded by thelittlewriter

Ok, first of all I like snoods because of how that word sounds…say it with me: sn ooooooo dah…Roll it around, play with the sounds…Snood is a cool word (yes, yes I am odd…but then you know that already) She added a few beads and used Priscilla Hewitts pattern: Chignon Net. You can find the link by going to thelittlewriter’s project page on Ravelry.

I think she did a lovely job. Snoods are a picot freeing event in and of themselves…

Thelittlewriter you are duly awayded the Set My Picot Free Award!


2 responses to “Set My Picot Free with a Snood!

  1. <b>Not a Knitter</b>

    Okay, I am not exactly sure what this means, but hee, that made me grin! 😀 I’m glad to feel the snood love…I was feeling like a bit of nerd when I was making them the other night!


  2. I love it! Although I can never hear the word “snood” without visualizing Bing Crosby and Danny Kay on the train on the way to Vermont.

    “What did you do with that, leave it in your snood?”

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