Totally Hookalicious!

Dress and hat front-view
Originally uploaded by nanndee

This little outfit is toooooo sweet. I love little baby clothes. There is that time when kids are little that they look cute in anything, but when we make beautiful things they can look like cherubs!

CLF Member NannDee made this (and I believe designed it, but I could be wrong, I don’t see any pattern listed in her projects page on Ravelry.) ETA: NannDee did not design this, she said it’s a Leisure Arts pattern…HOWEVER, she has a Hookalicious hand and it doesn’t diminish the award in the least!

It is too darn cute, well made and well just sweet. It reminds me of the little dresses I used to buy for my daughter (yes, I crocheted but back then I was scared of garments).

NannDee, you are duly awarded with the Hookalicious Award for Beautiful Crochet!


One response to “Totally Hookalicious!

  1. I don’t know what to say! the pattern is a Leisure Arts pattern…not mine. I will have to update the information. Thank you…I love it..I usually say that I am Absolutely Fabulicious…but now I can say that I am Absolutely Hookalicious!…I’m loving it! Again thank you…i love it when others like what I create…since I don’t have kids of my own …this is my way of leaving my mark on the world….(~.~)

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