CLF FIrst Every Book Update

So, how’s the book coming?

Very well thank you!

I took a bit of time off yesterday, which had less to do with needing a break and everything to do with two growing kids who have both spurted up in height in the past month, to the point where clothes were not fitting, and they needed new clothes! EGADS!

They are both closing in on me…what is a fearless leader to do…like all great Global Dominator’s I am short…Taller than Napoleon, and shorter than Attila the Hun.

All jokes aside, the book is shaping up beautifully. I had my cousin take a cursory look through the first two sections (second pair of eyes and all that, to catch formatting issues), and she who doesn’t crochet much (but sews often) was very very impressed with the quality and calibre of the patterns and articles. She liked the layout and design as well. Now, we could assume that because she’s family she’s biased…OK, let’s understand this, my cousin and I are like night and day (of the same 24 hours) as loose as I am, she is tight, as open as I am she can be closed, as devil may care as I can be, she is cautious. So, that is why I had her vet the book, if she likes it, it’s good. She would never lie to me, or try to make me feel better. Believe me, I’ve known her since before she was born!

I also had an older friend look at the book, she is primarily a knitter, though she does crochet (and rather well, just lacks the confidence). She’s an older woman, “pushing old” as my son would say, and she was totally enthusiastic about many of the patterns. Some of which got exclamations such as, “Oh my goodness, I never thought you could do that in crochet! Oooh that would be so much easier with a hook.”

“Oh my! That is a lovely pattern, look at those charts!”

and…”This book would be worth buying, even my old Scottish heart would approve of the expense.”

Yay! I love these testaments.

My cousin even gave me the slogan to put on the back of the book cover, “All the crochet patterns you’ve ever wanted, but just couldn’t find.”

And that my friends is the truth…


3 responses to “CLF FIrst Every Book Update

  1. All these teasers are working! I want to SEE!!!! lol Seriously, Laurie, thanks for the work you’re doing putting this all together!

  2. Ooh ooh ooh!! I’m so very excited & just can’t wait!

  3. I WANT THIS BOOK!!!!! OMG! I really can’t wait to see what everyone one came up with. And I love the “every crochet pattern you ever wanted but couldn’t find” idea because it is so true. I know the only reason I started designing anything, clothing, crochet, etc, was because I just couldn’t find the patterns that I wanted to do. I am sure this book is AWESOME. Thank you so much Laurie for putting this together

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