The International Yarn Smackdown…Bring it ON!

Ok all you lads and lasses who doesn’t like a good smack down?

Registration for the International Yarn Smack Down is open until July 31st, 2008 for one of the wackiest “death by” events in the whole wide planet!

Crocheters there are special events just for us!

Crochet Amigurumi (deliver death with a smile);
Crochet Stole;
Crochet Granny Square;
Crochet Hat

Who doesn’t love the idea of an international food fight where you can throw crocheted (and knit) toast at each other!! This is a mixed event of crochet and knit, and well it sounds like too much fun!

The organizer of this event has bent over backwards seeking how to be inclusive to our love of all that is hook-able! So throw her a bone (crocheted please) and sign up, represent the hook, and have fun!!!

For more information please check out the web page here:
The Blog:
and if you still don’t have the information you want you can send them a message from here:


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