CLF BOOK UPDATE, Portland, and a nice link…

Ok, the book is kinda almost sorta done. Just doing some editing, and putting it into a pdf package and then WOOSH uploaded we will be! WHOOT!

I have to say I am so excited about this, CLF Members should be very proud of their accomplishments, submissions, and this fine tome that we have produced together…

The papers are signed/sealed and delivered for the The Fall Show in Portland Oregon…what is this fall show? Why it’s the Regional CGOA meet up! If you can come please do! We have a booth, we’ll have t-shirts and buttons, and keychains, and postcards, and fingers crossed a book or two!! Come by and see us!

Last but not least, check out this very sweet story from Florida. Before you read it though, let me tell you that those who put down crochet because the elderly do it, need to understand one thing, those old folks didn’t learn it when they were old… There is nothing wrong with being a Mama, or a Grandma, or a Great Grandma those are just stages in life. I dare anyone to tell my Calvin Klein wearing 90 year old Grandmother that she’s out of vogue! LOL…

Seriously though, read this story, warning: have tissues at the ready.


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