NEW! Blog Contributors!

My life has become a little hectic as of late, you know with the CLF First Ever Book, getting ready for Portland, raising my family, and remembering to eat and sleep…I know, I know…

Due to the pressure of the Minions of the CLF I’ve decided to actually take care of myself, and have asked minions to step up and contribute to the blog.

Now, it doesn’t mean I won’t be spouting off and causing trouble in these parts…How could I abandon one of the core activities that enlivens my weeks and month? Besides, I love a good rant…but I just don’t have time to keep up on the awards…so Violinknitter (that’s her user name on Ravelry, but forgive her the transgressions of her user name, she’s a fine hooker)…

We have two other minions who will be writing for the blog, and when they take up their invitations I’ll mention them too 🙂

Everyone be nice to my minions, or I’ll be crabby!


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