Getting Ready For Portland…

My little printer is working over time…

Window Clings and Bumper Stickers getting made for the table in Portland…Yes, there will be more available for sale on the website, AFTER I’m back from Portland…Remember sales of these items helps me make up the cost of being there…so it’s all for a good cause!

I will also have the Crochet Friendly Criteria available for intersted parties, which I will try to have up and running on the website before I go to Portland as a PDF download (if I can figure out how to do it, still learning my way around that side of coding.)

I’ve created several buttons including one that is rather cheesy which I can’t wait to unveil…

Plus I will be hosting a friend’s product debut…a hand tool for any needle worker made from stainless steel that you can put a double ended ball of yarn on, and work with hooks (or other needle work impliments) and not have to worry about the ball running away from you! I’ll have photos of this nifty creation based off a traditional Scandinavian tool, soon!


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