Get your historic copy of the Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book!

Drum roll please…

You can now purchase the book!! It’s available on both our e-store and on If you want the special CLF Member discount join our group on, we have a locked/stickied thread with your extraspecial discount code.
For LYS purchases and other book sellers I have a special wholesale code for you too (no minimum purchase either) please email me!! and I’ll send you YOUR SPECIAL code.

So here are some of the pretties that are in the book…

Broomstick Lace Wrap by Tracie Barrett (aka Traciecrochets)

Sea Horsin’ Around by Jennifer Reeve (Craftkitten)

Veritas, Equitas by Danielle Krasner (Laracroft) Not only is there a killer pattern here with color chart, she also has TWO photo tutorials on this phenominal technique!!

Yin Yan Ball Keychain by Mimi Alelis (mimicat)

There are 36 fabulous patterns, 13 articles all by crocheters FOR crocheters!

That’s right folks, we are crochet lovers and we show it!

Everything from Purple People Eaters to beautiful fingerless gloves, smart sweaters and funky doodle socks!

We rock…and this book shows just how hard!


3 responses to “Get your historic copy of the Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book!

  1. Doing my best to pimp it: My blog entry

  2. I BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!

  3. Crochet Liberation Front

    Thank you so much! I have to say the book is pretty darn hookalicious! Our folks did crochet proud!

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