Reading from the book…

Hello Minions and Great Hookalicious folk!

I thought I’d remind you that not only does our fabulous hooking compendium of yummy goodness have 36 totally Picot Freeing patterns…it has 13 useful, inspiring, touching articles as well…

Since people are so used to things being “all biznez” in crafting books today, I wanted to let you know I modeled the content a bit like the old Women’s Day Magazines and Work Baskets (modern approach of course). I own a ton of the vintage tomes and one of the things I’ve loved about them most are the articles….

So, in honor of the great articles in the book I’m giving readings of those articles…the first reading is now available on our Podcast uploaded fresh today! You get to hear my incoherent ramblings about the PDX experience (btw did I mention I got to meet Regina of MONSTER CROCHET…OMG I am so not worthy!)… I end the podcast with a reading of CLF Minion Extraordinaire: Alia Smith’s (crotcheteer on ravelry) article entitled: “The Five Mistakes”…

A humorous take on the five worst mistakes LYSes can make when serving/not serving crocheters…It made me laugh, I hope it makes you laugh too! CHECK IT OUT HERE!


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