Le GRAND sigh…

Ok folks…The thumb nail of our bookcover looks really bad on Amazon/Createspace…That’s something they did to dork it up…I’m currently having at them for it, cause it does NOT print that way…I have no idea why the layers went all boobly but they did…THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE at all…

The book prints out BEAUTIFULLY I must say, and well they are gunna have to give me a better answer than “You need to resubmit your cover art and wait 15 days, and order another proof”…I mean honestly, they should be able to use ANY jpeg… I’ve converted the pdf into a jpg on my little computer which isn’t anything like they would have with ZERO issues…so ahem…Anyway…that said the PROPER small thumbnail of the book is now on our blog with a convienient link to the store….


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