Errata Page

Hi Folks…

As promised in the introduction of the book, there is now an errata page for the First Ever Book. I have to say, I did my darnedest to make sure it was error free, but let me tell you that is a near impossible task in and of itself.

Check out the Errata section on the CLF Website to make sure you have all the goodness that is. My first of several apologies (I’m sure it can’t be the only error to come to light)….is to Barbara Hillery Van Elsen for somehow losing the last words of her fabulous Very Simple Yet Versatile Scarf pattern…I don’t know how the end got left out, and I swear it was there when I went to upload it…but perhaps my eyes were too crossed…no matter the reason it was left out and I apologise. I will announce here on the blog and in the Ravelry Group when new information is added.



One response to “Errata Page

  1. mistakes happen, getting up the errata page up quickly is very helpful so don’t beat yourself up too badly missy.

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