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Ok folks…I just don’t know what to award this hat…I mean yeah it’s kitschy (in the most fabulous of ways)…but it’s so PICOT FREEING…I mean this is like a slug thing from Futurama…This is a work of art…this is wearable performance art even! I LOVE THIS!

Thinking fast, while typing here…MUST…CREATE….NEW… AWARD!!!!

Ok…… Here it is…

The Fearless Leader Global Domination Award…That’s what we’ll call the new award cause man…this is just awesome đŸ™‚ (You wonderful at my sanity…cease wondering my friends…I’m just not that normal…if you hadn’t guessed already)….

This splendi-wonderful chapeau was fashioned by one of our NEW members in the CLF sraedi. Check out her projects folks! FABULOUS stuff!

sreadi, you are duly awarded The Fearless Leader Global Domination Award for creating a hat that just says…”Take that humans!”


2 responses to “OMG I LOVE THIS HAT!

  1. It’s a crochet Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  2. Crochet Liberation Front

    I adore this hat…And now I know it’s a Flying Spaghetti Monster I love it even more!

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