Call to Action!!!

Ok folks, it’s been a while since I’ve run the bell, but it seems that we who hook have been ignored long enough…The minions are fomenting and frothing on the message board!

Interweave had promised us a Crochet Daily early on in the “K…Daily Newsletter”, we have not seen it appear. It disturbs us greatly, here we have interest, in fact if they but threw us a bone I got 2300 PLUS (almost 2400 members now!) who would be potential customers if Interweave just caved in and threw us a bone!

If sales of Interweave Crochet are any indication (such as I can’t GET a copy around my area because it is SOLD OUT) I do believe there is a market for such a newsletter. It’s about priorities…

There is a new survey on KD take it and let them know we want a crochet daily. We don’t want scraps, we don’t need to be talked to like children, we’ve been patient…I’ve been rather good about leaving them alone on the topic, especially since I’ve been annoyed about the “we’ll be nice and include Crochet in KD” tude they’ve always had….

I don’t need inclusion, I want parity. I don’t know what you want, but take the survey and let them know directly. I mean for the love of all that is fuzzy…if you DON’T MARKET TO US why should we buy/use/or WANT your product?

Placation is not the issue… we want results.



One response to “Call to Action!!!

  1. Hello, I came to your blog after listening to your very interesting interview on Getting Loopy. Thanks for the survey link; I took the survey, even though I unsubscribed to KD months ago. I’m a bit embarrassed now, though, because it was clearly all about KD, and I ranted about crochet. Toward the end of the survey, a question asks something like, What other fiber crafts do you do in addition to knitting? Crochet is first on the list of choices. “Lightbulb!” For Interweave, obviously, there’s knitting, and then there’s everything else. The survey was really only for KD readers. No point in using it to push Interweave for more crochet. Maybe we shouldn’t approach crochet as competing with knitting.

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