Book Fix before more get sold…

Ok guys…I have put the book on hold until I can get home and make revisions. The book re-do had some “issues”…if you have purchased the book, all the errata will be online… I will create a pdf as well…but in the mean time I’m going to redo the book…After I get home.


4 responses to “Book Fix before more get sold…

  1. Oh no! No rest for the weary huh? *hugs*

  2. Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane

    Oh no! That’s terrible. So sorry! 😦

  3. Oh Laurie, if you drink sit back and have a cocktail and breath while counting to 10. I hope all ends up well as I’m sure it will and great big (((hugs)))

  4. Crochet Liberation Front

    The fix isn’t so bad, it also gave some designers some time to get in a better photo etc…and it’s mostly fixed already…waiting on some files from some folks…I’ll do the upload next monday and hopefully will have a proof back by the next week…and then we can start up the book again 🙂 YAY…

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