I’m getting better…really….and vacation news…

Hey there folks…we’ll I got home Friday from the “mini vacation”, slept Saturday, and I mean I slept saturday…was I ever ill! The trip to Leavenworth, WA is a blur…Saturday did not happen (cause I wuz asleep) and Sunday with a better brain, and pain free face I was able to make the biggest revisions to the book…I have files now from a few people that had some fixes, and hopefully will have the rest of the fixes by the weekend so I can finish operation clean up, and have the book re-uploaded by Monday morning…then I will order a proof, and I will have that expidited to me, then I will review it and put it up for sale again…

Currently, we owe a huge round of applause to the hubby for finding me a motel with wifi internet so I could check email and messages…This is his first vacation in over a year, and he’s had his own busy year…I have been quite good about not mentioning all the work I have to do with the book…and he was so considerate 😉 “Um…I bet you want to check in on line…” he said to me as we drove into Forks, WA (which gets 13 feet of rain a year…yeah, the heart of the temperate rainforest!)…”Yup,” was my monosyllabic answer….

Tomorrow we head for La Push and lovely beach front cabins for storm watching and jaccuzzi tub 🙂 No, I will not be online, no I will not regret that…yes, I’m looking forward to a nice warm toddy and some R & R

For now…here’s the slipper I made (almost done crocheting on the sole of the other slipper/sock) today in the car…(OH, and I got to shop at a Dropped Stitch again in Sequim…always worth the trip)


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