CLF Book News

Ok, the books files are all up loaded YAY! It will still be a week or so before things are back up and running the way we’d like them too, but in the mean time Gail’s Yarns has 10 copies of the First Ever Printing of the FIRST ever book and a wonderful insert for the errata made by yours truly!

If you are itching for a great book, it’s just as gorgeous as the second printing, and the errata is all nice and neatly there for you! PLUS Gail can offer GREAT shipping to International buyers!

So head over to Gail’s to get these fabulous books!

Her store for US sales and shipping

International Orders go HERE!! (She can give the BEST deal on international shipping!)

So speaking of Errata…more to come on the website… I missed most of Andee Graves article on how to keep your hands healthy…That’s a nice long article I’ll give that baby it’s own little web page 😉 And for some reason, and I think it happened when I resized the book, I missed the end of Jennifer Reeves Dragon Scale Sock pattern… Now if you are on Ravelry, all the Errata for patterns is listed up on our Errata page…. I have yet to get Andee’s article up…but it’s coming, this afternoon if all goes to plan actually!

So hooks up! Keep hookin’!


2 responses to “CLF Book News

  1. WOW!! When you said you blogged, you weren’t kidding! Thank you!

  2. I’m so sorry! My eBay store does not have an easy to remember URL so I forget to use it. That is where the good shipping costs are. This is the page for the book:

    The eBay store URL is: is so easy to say and remember that I forget that I recommend shoppers to buy through eBay. EBay has a better shipping interface, and that is where the better shipping is at.

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