Let’s Represent…Political Hooking…

Ok guys and gals, it’s an election year. Are you tired of hearing it? Or are you energized? If you are eligible to vote in your state of residence in the USA or by mail from Overseas do so! I don’t care what party you vote for, but exercise your right to vote!

If you have to stand in line at the polls, why not give crochet a little political PR fun! Bring a WIP and hook it up in the lines at the polls! Who knows you could find people for your group, start a group, or even inspire someone to learn, or to pick up the hook again…if nothing else if you are in one of those states with REALLY long lines, you won’t be bored šŸ˜‰

Hook on! Live Long my minions!


2 responses to “Let’s Represent…Political Hooking…

  1. This CLF’er did just that! I stood in line with my hook and thread yarn and crocheted until I had to hand them my voters registration to actually vote. (Yeah for early voting states!)

  2. Drat!I’m voting by mail this year! If election day wasn’t on a school day(home educator here) I’d be tempted to go stand in line and crochet anyway!

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