Crochet Liberation Front…what’s on our hooks lately…

First of all I want to remind you all that we have a Website for the CLF where you can find our Crochet Friendly Local Yarn Store List, it covers the globe folks, so please check it out if you are not on Ravelry and don’t have access to our Group Page that has the most current list. I will be updating that list on the website soon. Feel free to contact me with your favorite LYS so I can put it up on the website. No one pays to get on the list, it’s member driven.

I encourage you to let yarn store owners know you are a member of the CLF and that you are coming to them based off the recommendation. Why? So we get even more support out in the world! Besides, compliments and thank yous go so much further than anything else!

Remember we’re working off the theory of abundance here…when you spend local dollars that money goes so much further than when you let it slip away out of your community.

I love my local yarn store in Stanwood, WA…Pinch Knitters, that’s right, it has the K word in it, but that’s cause the owner has spent years doing commissioned knitting 🙂 She crochets too, and is so wonderful to all of we who love fiber…in fact she’s going to carry the CLF First Ever Book…

I encourage you to purchase the book, because that helps our cause…If you are on Ravelry, or enjoy Getting Loopy please use their links because it gives them a few pennies too…

In these trying financial times (which contrary to what the news says, I’ve seen coming for a long time they are more than a month old) it is important to look at where you spend your dollars. Spending money on items that help you make things for yourself, or support local businesses (your local yarn store) can help the economy…self sufficiency, being able to produce things really does help. Remember our book is printed and bound in the USA, which helps keep a few people in jobs….


2 responses to “Crochet Liberation Front…what’s on our hooks lately…

  1. I ordered the book today from amazon….and wonder if I should have- because your site sort of scares me-

    1. every option pops up a new window
    2. the music and readings are annoying and I can’t find a way to shut them off
    3. the store does not seem to load anything
    etc. etc. etc.

    I only wish I could crochet as well as my grandmother- but really am anxious to read your book, more for the humor and to support the crochet cause since the knitters get all the good stuff it seems….

  2. Crochet Liberation Front

    You hit the play/pause button to turn off the music/sound of any kind…

    The store if you double click on it sends you to Zazzle

    And the opening of new windows is how I’ve made it so people don’t have to go back and forth in browsing…some people like it and some people don’t…

    As soon as I can afford a web designer then I won’t have to do it myself 😉 Thanks for the comments though 😉

    And thank you for buying the book!

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