Billie Setting Our Picot Free!

Originally uploaded by toddapaschall

Can I say how much I love this? Can I tell you how much I love Billie H for all those deep blues that make our hearts cry and our ears want to sing….Can I say how much I love this?

CLF Member Toddapaschall used a crochet by numbers’ pattern to make this stunning piece….

I am left with no words to describe the collective in take of awe struck air that both my daughter and I made in the library when we saw this…Wow is such a week explicative…This is stunning.

Toddapaschall you are duly awarded the Set My Picot Free award for crocheting this wonderful, phenomenal work of art….

Check out Crochet By Numbers on the web, it’s a fantastic way to do tapestry crochet….


One response to “Billie Setting Our Picot Free!

  1. OMG that is absolutely amazing!!

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