Minions! A call to action!

Hello Minions…It’s time we did a little bit to motivate those from whom we purchase our fuzzy goodness!

The yarn company Bernat is hosting a Survey, please take it, make your voice known…

Also, if you are a CGOA member, you have probably received your copy of Crochet! which also has our membership newsletter, I encourage all of you to vote on this years board members, and the proposed by laws change. I don’t care how you vote, who you vote for, just use your membership ability to vote! Make your voice known!


2 responses to “Minions! A call to action!

  1. Fearless Leader, I have completed the survey but am slightly miffed that they didn’t offer compensation in the form of crochet only pattern books. Yes, it was free, and the survey was crochet-friendly so I’m over it, but it still says something.

  2. Crochet Liberation Front

    Yeah I hear you…I felt the same way. Perhaps we need to send Bernat a letter about it ?

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