Crochet and the sticks….some thoughts

I spent all afternoon on Friday at Pinch Knitter’s in Stanwood, WA crocheting and signing copies of the Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book.

As usual I was surrounded by Pointy Stick people and they were very nice, most of them felt the same way about the hook that I do about needles, which is they just can’t get the hang of it…No blame, no shame, we all shared our ideas, and enjoyed each others projects.

As we talked of what we like to do, we both seemed unimpressed on a certain level…One gal just loves to do knit lace, and I’m thinking, “Meh, lace, I’ve done so dang much of it, and it’s so easy….” and I’m talking about making plain fabric and cables and they were probably thinking the same thing….Here’s the epiphany folks…

Making holes with crochet is dead easy, we love it, it’s quick and not hard to do once you practice a bit, with the sticks it takes quite a bit more practice and is not the natural activity of most who do stick work…

Making a good flat piece of fabric in crochet is hard to do, and keep even, and keep polished looking, not so with the sticks…

Does this mean people should not do it? (Either one?) Nope…It just means we need to understand that making holes is simple with the hook and hard with the needles…making plain fabric is easy with the needles (if you can use them) and more difficult with the hooks (if you can use them)….

I don’t know why I never thought of it before, but it’s probably because I don’t use sticks, any more than the person I was sitting with uses hooks (other than to pick up stitches)….

But we call keep this in mind…

Happy Hooking!


One response to “Crochet and the sticks….some thoughts

  1. As a Pointy Stick Head, I have to admire folks who are planning to take over the world one Granny Square at a time….Keep on hookin’ and happy holidays! ;-D

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