International Shipping and other thoughts….

Ok, so a few more pennies have hit the old bank account and I can now start shipping the International Books….Sigh…I had to first wait on a shipment of books to get to me, and then the moolah to send out the books…and THEN today I drove all over to actually ship the books.

You see I do not live anywhere CLOSE to a post office…stupid rural unincorporated area….I live about 30 mins away from one. I thought I could go to the little mailbox place that is on my island, but nooooo they do not ship internationally…so I had to drag my sorry self into Stanwood, and brave the post office.

BTW they were very helpful and kind and showed me a quick but cheaper way of sending off books…so the FIRST of the international copies for contributors has been shipped and next week I’ll start getting out the rest….

Sorry it’s taken so long to get out all of the books, but all the royalties come in a month behind so I have to wait that long to buy books, and get them off 😉

Slow but steady we’re getting there 😉

Much Love to all of you who contributed and know I’m workin’ on it 🙂



One response to “International Shipping and other thoughts….

  1. Great news! Thanks so much for all your hard work. 🙂

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