Uncommon Crochet…what a fabulous book!

Hey all you rascally crocheters out there, have you seen Julie Armstrong Holtz’s book Uncommon Crochet? This book is a delightful read, the projects are interesting and different from the norm, but what really makes this book shine is the FANTABULOUS information about crochet from how to design, to materials information, hints and tips galore!

I love it…my daughter loves it, and it will find it’s place on that new little amazon widget to your right :)… BTW Julie is a CLF member you can find her on Ravelry as Skamama! Check her out! Yay for you Julie this book is phenominal!

Here’s all the pertinent information (and yeah it came out in April, but like I ever find out what’s going on first? Nope never…I’m so outta the loops)


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