Fearless Leader Speaks Again…

A few things of note! Dora at Crochet Insider gave our little book a BRILLIANT review, I feel all cool now and so should you! We’re the coolest group on Ravelry in her opinion….(and mine too but I’m like soooo biased!)

Next on the list of things to speak of…since I’m speaking…. Is that if you haven’t seen this video from the Colbert Report then you MUST watch it πŸ™‚ You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…and then you’ll think a moment and say “HEY! All the really cool protesty stuff was crocheted….” I have commented on the Colbert Nation site, and I hope you do too!

As for the subject of the video, Ms.Jerilea Zempel I would like to put out a call for her to find us, if you can find her and let her know we want to give her a CLF t-shirt, we’ll give you a CLF t-shirt…you know you want one all the cool kids have them! CLF T-shirts will show just how radical and subversive you really are πŸ˜‰


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