A few reminders…

Hey, gang just a few fun reminders…

1) We have a Yahoo Group for the sole purpose of downloading CLF Certificates for Local Yarn Stores, that’s right we certify Yarn stores for being LYS Friendly! You can also find a letter to go with the handy dandy certificate thanking your LYS for being so great, and if they aren’t or a yarn company isn’t up to your fancy and you want more we have a nice letter template for you to use.

I still owe you the one specifically for Michael’s and I promiss that will be up and available next week.

2) The book will remain on sale for only $24.50 through Valentine’s Day. Click on the link with the book cover to your right on the blog and it will take you to the page!

3) We have a podcast and it is my intention to have a very belated episode up and running next week…fingers crossed.

4) Our group on Ravelry is as busy as ever planning Global Domination, please feel free to join in!

Just some friendly reminders! Oh and I still write on my personal blog, feel free to check that out from time to time.


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