Just Postulating…Don’t Shoot the Postulator…

Ok before I postulate or pontificate…or get on my big soap box…let me first say this….

The revised version (third time round 🙂 ) of the Crochet Liberation First Ever Book is now available for your humble purchase through Amazon.com or via the Crochet Liberation Front Website ($24.50 through Februrary 16th)… So if you want fast shipping use amazon, if you can wait for about a week and a half chose the CLF website 😉 YAY…

Now on to the postulation…

We’ve had this discussion about how the industry has statistics about needle arts, and how the pointy stick users will buy more, and pay for yarn, patterns etc….I’ve had a different experience, both as a crocheter, and as a vendor of quality art yarn.

As we discussed the matter on Ravelry I paused for thought (I know oh shock of shocks)…What if we crocheters don’t do these things because we are not that market…what if we are something totally different…What if we want different things? What if we need something else? What if they aren’t serving us because no one asked the right questions?

So let us ask those questions…HERE…and see what we have to say for ourselves… It’s only 7 questions long, and I’m just kind of curious to see what answers we get! Yeah it’s not scientific, yeah it’s not developed by some polling company, but lets see what we say here…and test our own waters…

I know what I really should have put…how many of us are sick of the “knitting ads” in the CLF Group on Ravelry? I mean, I’ve ranted on this one before and many companies listened, I guess I’m gonna have to rant again 🙂

Please take the survey even if you aren’t involved with the CLF ravelry group 🙂


2 responses to “Just Postulating…Don’t Shoot the Postulator…

  1. Amy @ Experience Imagination

    The link says the survey is closed. What were the questions?

  2. Crochet Liberation Front

    It only can take 100 answers at the moment. It wasn’t the most grand survey in the world 🙂 GRIN…

    I’ll post results of several of our surveys soonish like 🙂

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