What does standing up mean?

Guys…I’ve been a little on the quiet side lately. Mostly cause well, I’ve been all peaceful-like on the insides. Not much has ruffled my feathers, I’ve come to just enjoy being here, now, present in my own little fuzzy place of crochet goodness.

But, I decided to poke my head out of my happy fuzzy place of yarny goodness and take a look at the world. What is funny, is that due to the CLF name we get called “militant” which is REALLY the cake topper to the joke…

Um, yeah, I mean think about it. We’re asking for our needs to be met, that we have things we want to find and buy, and we’re saying so…Sometimes with a little joke thrown in…and as I look at the world let me say this…We’ve been pretty damn nice about it.

Folks…Here’s the deal, asking for what we want and need is NOT a militant act, NOR is it aggressive. It is assertive. Aggression is when you walk up to someone poke them in the chest, and in a Jimmy Cagney like voice say, “See here see…you dirty so and so…I want more patterns and I want em now see…”

Assertiveness is like this: I would appreciate, and purchase goods and services if they were made available to me.

Point frickin’ blank see the difference?

I am so tired of the world driving itself into poverty, and economic collapse because folks feel helpless. It bugs me. It really bugs me. I know there are more of “us” than there are of “them” and I know that should we make a collective effort to make a micro-economy work for us we could.

But it takes some steel folks…steel in our spines to stand up straight and tall and say, in a very cool Katherine Hepburn kind of way, “No sir, I will not accept this sir, I am going to do what I think needs to be done sir, and you sir need to get out of my way sir!”

We need to stand up…Fear is our greatest enemy. FDR said it right (and probably got it from Eleanor) “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”

If we support our community…If we purchase what we CAN afford, WHEN we can afford it, then we make our community work. Bitching only does so much…action makes change.


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