What’s Up at the CLF!!??

Here’s what’s up 🙂

First of all we are busily planning the our First Annual Crochet Awards, possibly to be held in March, but we’re still in the whole planning committee stage and working on exact details, you know little things like where it will be, and how are we going to accomplish this! We have some fairly good ideas, but just so you know we’re working on it, you’ll be the first to know when we have all the details set!

Secondly, a reminder to potential contributors to the CLF second book…I start accepting
submissions January 14th until Feb 20th of 2009. You can get the writers guidelines HERE.

We’re looking at a possibility of several titles, I have a working title set, but don’t like it much, and I think I’ll do a poll or something to decide on the official title. Oddly enough I just can’t think of everything, amazing isn’t it…and you thought I could…oh you didn’t…PHEW…

Thirdly…is there a thirdly? Um…Sure. Thirdly I’m working on putting all of the CLF survey data together, and will make it available for all and sundry….especially the sundry.


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