Hey did you know anyone can listen to podcasts?

You absolutely do not need to own an Ipod or MP3 player to listen to podcasts. Often you can listen right at your computer without having to download it at all, or you can still download them to listen to later.

Here are some crochet related sites with podcasts for your listening pleasure!

The Crochet Side

Getting Loopy

Yarn Thing

and of course our own CLF Podcast

Now you can subscribe to these via the podcast site, or Itunes if they have it enabled, and also just streaming it online.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to them. Though due to my own *sigh* internet connection situation, I end up actually listening post-facto (the great part) versus live to Getting Loopy! Getting Loopy is actually more than a prerecorded podcast, you can call in live too! Or chat…One day I will make sure I’m at my BFF’s house so I can use her connection just so I can chat with everyone else!


3 responses to “Hey did you know anyone can listen to podcasts?

  1. hi there,

    i just found your blog via http://www.ladiesfancyworksociety.com and wondered if you would like to take part in our world wide yarn bombing project?

    you can read all about it here:

    it is for the UKDIY exhibition http://www.ukdiycraft.com

    best wishes

  2. Hi Laurie! Could you change the link for my podcast? It’s pointed to thecrochetside.mypodcast.com, but I’ve relocated to podcast.thecrochetside.com — I would appreciate it!

    The old URL isn’t being updated anymore, so it’ll help get new listeners setup to see the new content (now including video supplements!).

  3. Crochet Liberation Front

    Got ya! Shall do!

    Thank you muchly!

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