Crochet in that Crowd…

Inauguration Day 2009: Aerial view of the National Mall
Originally uploaded by USA TODAY

Yes, I know you know it’s inauguration day here in the USA. We have a new president, and I am certainly not the first to post our collective sigh of relief (no matter who you voted for, we can all agree a change of scenery may be a good thing), but we also post our collective crocheted sightings.

In that crowd of thousands are crocheted hats and sweaters, there were plenty of pointy stick offerings too, but really I’m hear to write about crochet, I’m sure the pointy stickers are well covered in their blogospheres!

For a fun and insightful account check out CLF Member Vashti Braha’s (Vashtirama) blog,

I know I spotted some crochet up in the honored seating area, as well as some fabulously significant hats and scarves in the crowd.

Yay for crochet. It looked really good today. And here is for a peaceful transition of power. May we move forward in peace.


3 responses to “Crochet in that Crowd…

  1. Yes, the crochet abounded. But the best hat, hands down, was Aretha’s, I think!

  2. So I’m not the only one who searched the crowds for crochet! We’ve got our priorities straight huh? I don’t get to see hats and scarves on display here in Florida, so my crochet antennae went up when I saw gazillions of bundled up people.

  3. My favorite of the crocheted pieces I saw in the crowd was a pumpkin-colored earflap hat, embellished with chunky wood beads and feathers. The woman wearing it was standing near me while we waited to go through the security checkpoint.

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