Ever wonder?

Have you ever wondered if someone up there is trying to gun you down, or at least having fun at your expense?

I’m not supersticious mind you nor do my beliefs involve angry and petty diety types, but lately it’s like some weirdo off CNN has thrown the “Chinese Curse” at me: “May you live in interesting times…”

Folks, I could really handle boring about now…

I am more than behind on several tasks…If you are due an email, it’s coming, please give me some time to catch up… Ok we have had storms, floods, death, and drum roll please…

Last Wednesday my house had the freakin’ mother of all power surges, and no breakers went off, of course my husband was gone (cause these things NEVER happen when he’s around), and so after a tulmultous moment of screaming for my kids to “GET OUT OF THE HOUSE >>>NOW” (and they did thank you very much without any arguments!)…I ended up heading toward the garage and found it full of acrid nasty smoke and electrical popping sounds…After a few hours with the crew from the park helping me out…we found that indeed it was a corroded ground wire that was the problem (nothing close to the house)…but it fried the T.V (yay), the microwave, my phone (booo), my hubby’s pc, drill press, and assorted rechargable battery packs.

Ok…so this should be it, right? Nope…

Friday, hubby goes to the Dr. for the lab results, and oh yeah (and um, not surprised here, but annoyed, and worried…) Hubby has to go on insulin shots because his pancreas has shut down. Grrr. (No it is NOT how I cook at home, I have lots of good healthy food options available at home…GRRRR….shake that man darn it! I like having him around)…

So, I’ve been walking around kind of dazed, and not asking that silly question…no I will not even type it…and yes, when I leave my house, I kind of duck as I exit the door way…who knows, the sky might be falling…

Oh, yeah, I’m crocheting…you bet your sweet booty I’m crocheting, with every neurotic bone in my body I…am…crocheting…


One response to “Ever wonder?

  1. What a time – hold that hook close, it will see you through.

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