Back to taking over the world…

Ok, I am so not giving into this bizarre moment in time…I have a life and it includes taking over the world with crochet…DO YOU HEAR ME! We’re TAKING OVER THE WORLD WITH CROCHET!

I feel significantly better now : )

So, how are we dominating the globe with our hooks?

1) Still accepting submissions up until Februrary 20th for the Adult Crochet Book šŸ™‚ See the writers guidelines for more details. If you are going to submit, PLEASE read those and follow them…especially the PHOTO guidelines which are at the BOTTOM of that web page.

2) An in print magazine requested the Crochet Liberation Front First Ever book for review! I sent it off yesterday!

3) We’re working on the first annual Crochet Awards “Flamie”, and are partnering with Mary B. Temple of Getting Loopy!

4) We are in the early planning stages for our Retreat in 2010

and I am busy making plans for Porltand in May for the CGOA regional meeting at the Knit and Crochet Show, and saving my pennies to shuffle off to Buffalo in August…I’ve already decided to take the train, because well it’s more sedate than flying! I make a five hour stop in Chicago on the way, so anyone who wants to do an event with fearless leader can contact me šŸ™‚ GRIN

2 responses to “Back to taking over the world…

  1. Take the train!!
    You’ll love it! One of my favorite vacations ever was a cross country plane trip.
    See you this summer!!
    Can’t wait!

  2. Crochet Liberation Front

    I love trains šŸ™‚ GRIN…I’ve never really seen this country šŸ™‚ So I thought it would be fun, I took the train all through Europe when I lived there, in fact I never drove. I thought, WHOOT I can see miles and miles of CORN! WHOOT…LOL and I don’t have to take my shoes off in a train station…that really grosses me out the whole shoeless thing in the airport…I do not trust my cotton socks to protect me from someone else’s nasty feet germs…LOL

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