Awards, Books, Action…

Hello Minions!

Ok a few reminders here, I’ve had some fabulous submissions for our second book, which will smaller than the first book, which will keep costs down for folks 🙂 I still need a few more designs…so PLEASE get up the courage and submit a design. Right now, I’m designing a cute little “nightie”…I could use something for the guys though 🙂

I haven’t really been able to think of something crocheted and sexy for a dude…Maybe you can 😉 LOL…Pitch me an idea…I’m willing to extend the deadline for another week or so if you need time. Remember, currently submissions are due on Feb 20th…I’m not in a rush, so if we need to push it Feb 27th, fine 😉 Go to the CLF Website and check out the writers guidelines! Thank you!

Next, our awards, folks if you are a member of our group on, go and make your freaking nominations already.

To be honest I’m a little cranky… People, ok I started this group as a joke, but then I made it a real deal, I’ve risked my time, money and energy on this group, and we’re for action.

I’m not the only person who needs to act though… It doesn’t take much time or energy to down load a letter of action, or to draft one yourself to shoot off to businesses, and organziations!

If we are going to put our “money” where our mouths are, we need to do more than complain, we need to act! Otherwise we’re what they say we are…a bunch of whiners…And folks, I do not whine…I abhor whining…

So, pony up, get active…do something…stand up straight and tall (and if you are annoyed at this because you are active, then DUH this message has nothing to do with you)…

To those who do act, YAY…We need more folks too!


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