Wow! Great Start for voting!

I just want to thank everyone for getting off to a great start on the voting! So far the turn out has been brilliant, keep up the great job crocheters!

If you are wondering what this post is about, check out the blog post below this one! The 2009 Crochet Awards, our first annual awards, are serious, these aren’t a joke. Members of the CLF nominated the designers and designs, books, magazines, blogs and other crochet related items that you can vote for!

This is a great way to give voice to what you think makes up the best of last years crochet offerings. We plan on doing this every year, so watch out for crochet goodness all through 2009, so you can give your input for the 2010 awards! We even started a group for that very purpose on A nominations discussion group, so that we can take a whole year, instead of a month and a half to get ready!

Why only a month and a half, well someone came up with a brilliant idea, and March was looming ahead, why not do the first annual crochet awards during National Crochet Month?

Hooks Raised, CLF Salute!


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