What are you doing for National Crochet Month?

It’s National Crochet Month folks! What are you up to?
Are you playing games with us on Ravelry? Are you whooping up on Crochetville? Are you out in public, crocheting in coffee houses, doing charity crochet, deciding to do something new and exciting with your skills?

I’ve just registered for the Spring Show in Portland, Oregon the CGOA regional. Boy it sure was tough making a decision about what classes I wanted to take. My daughter whimped out and didn’t want to take classes, she just wants to hang out and go shopping. So I decided to sign up for a mere two classes. But that’s cool, I’m going to Buffalo in August, so we’ll see what I can do there 🙂

I’m taking the train with Sara down to Portland, I figured I would at least break even considering what gas costs, and parking fees. I saw no point to parking my car for 3 days in Portland, because we’ll take MAX anyway.

I’m taking Jennifer Hanson’s Broomstick Lace class, and Myra Wood’s Advanced Free Form. I shall enjoy these I just KNOW IT!

Oooh and by taking the train, I get to crochet instead of drive through Everett and Seattle Traffic! Now that IS a winning proposition!

I’m going to sign Sara up for a CGOA membership down there, and that will be AWESOME! She’s still on the shy side, and I think she would be totally down with a youth membership and activities when the CGOA get that really going!

Looking so forward to that trip I can hardly stand it!

Oh and for Natcromo? I just keep hooking folks, just keeping on with the hook 🙂


10 responses to “What are you doing for National Crochet Month?

  1. I doing the NATCROMO Freeform CAL on ravelry and trying to learn some new stitches .. Happy National Crochet Month to everyone 🙂

  2. I hope you’re ready for some FUN!!

  3. Fearless Leader of the CLF

    So glad you are enjoying the game!

  4. Fearless Leader of the CLF

    MYRA! I am so your party slave in Portland 😉

    I get to be the Wayne of Crochet man! I’m not WORTHY, I’m not WORTHY!

  5. Oh, Fearless Leader, I am:
    Making three squares for my afghan
    Making a Knot Ugly Shrug for myself
    Crocheting two birthday gifts for friends
    Playing and having a ball on Ravelry
    Working on little projects (mostly in public at my LYS) for my etsy
    Teaching my mother to make what she calls “fancy grannies” (which are, of course, granny squares with pretty designs)
    Trying to beat that blasted bag design into shape
    Happy InNatCroMo

  6. Fearless Leader of the CLF

    YOU GO! Awesome list!

    Hooks Raised, CLF Salute!

  7. I have announced to my weekly knitting group (because I am the lone crochet-only person) that every week in March I will teach a class to whoever wants to learn. I think I’m going to kick off with broomstick lace, because the pointy stick-ers still get to hold a pointy stick. 🙂

    I’m also attempting to write a sock pattern. Fingers crossed on that one.

  8. Fearless Leader of the CLF

    Go Grieney!

    Oooh Broomstick lace…you know it’s so pretty! The only thing that makes it strange for me IS holidng the needle 😉 LOL

    Go for it! You’ll get em all hooked 😉

  9. Well, I’ll apologize in advance for holding the needle with my knees. It looks, um, different.

  10. How nice is this? I’m bribing two non-crafty friends into learning to crochet. It’s so good for the soul. They’ll thank me when we’re done.

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